Dec 3, 2010

Inspire Magazine # 3 - Special Issue [Operation Hemorrhage]

Al-Malahem Media Foundation


A Special Gift
to the Islamic Nation

The first Magazine issued by
al-Qaida in the English Language


ISSUE # 3 #





High Quality

5.41 MB

ادعوا لإخوانكم المجاهدين

إخوانكم في
مؤسسة الملاحم للإنتاج الإعلامي

المصدر: (مركز الفجر للإعلام)

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3 comments: on "Inspire Magazine # 3 - Special Issue [Operation Hemorrhage]"

InspireMV said...

This was published two weeks ago however I was unable to update the blog until now. The Magazine is concerning the attacks on US planes by the Mujahideen which brought down one UPS plane in September.

Anonymous said...

As a Christian, I am praying that GOD ALMIGHTY, guides all religions to fight through loving acts of kindnesss. Teach the world about GOD by each person of ALL religions caring for the hungry, the cold, and the needy. I URGE InspireMV to publish articles showing how frequent random acts of kindness ARE GODS way.

Anonymous said...

..password isn`t coreect.

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