Dec 3, 2010

Dagestani Mujahideen warn about further strikes on Russian enemy targets

Emir Khasan (aka Israpil Velijanov), who was named three months ago as Commander of the Dagestan Sector of the North Caucasus Jihad, has warned that the Riyadh-us-Saliheen Battalion subordinate to him will continue to "inflict horrors" on Russian territory -- an allusion to the Martyr bombings in the Moscow subway in late March in which 40 persons in enemy capital were destroyed.

Those Martyr operations were perpetrated by two women from Dagestan and masterminded by Emir Khasan's predecessor as Emir of Dagestan, Seyfullah al Gubdeni (aka Magomed Vagabov). Emir Seyfullah martyred in terror operation by foreign enemy forces on August 21.

Speaking at a meeting with five lower-level commanders, including the masked leader of the Azerbaijan jamaat, on October 19, Emir Khasan announced the appointments of Khasan, Emir of the Northern Sector, and Salih, Emir of the Central Sector, as his two Naibs (deputies). He also named Essa, a masked and heavily armed fighter present at the meeting, to head the Riyadh-us-Saliheen Martyrs' Battalion. A seven-minute video clip of 'Emir Khasan s address was posted on December, 2, 2010, on the website

Emir Khasan also renewed, on behalf of himself and his men, their oath of loyalty to North Caucasus Emirate Emir commander Dokku Abu Usman.

Click to read the whole English transcript of the video statement.

Source: Agencies
Kavkaz Center

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