Nov 4, 2010

Message from the Soldiers of the Martyrs' Battalion to the Christians in Egypt

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

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كلمة صوتية من جنود كتيبة الإستشهاديين - إلى النصارى في مصر ]

Audio Message from the Soldiers of the Martyrs' Battalion to the Christians of Egypt ]

Praise be to Allah, the Only and the Enduring, who was not born and did not give birth, and who has no equal. And prayers and peace be upon the highly- praised Prophet, and his family and Companions.

To proceed:

The Almighty said:
"And what is the matter with you that you fight not in the Cause of Allah, and for those weak, ill-treated and oppressed among men, women, and children?"
In response to the call of Allah, and the call of the oppressed Muslim women who are imprisoned at the hands of the worshipers of the Cross in Egypt: Kamilia Shahada and Wafaa Costantine and her sisters; we the soldiers of the Brigade of Martyrs in the Islamic State of Iraq went forth with this action, and our demand is simple and clear:

Our female prisoners who are with your people in Egypt in exchange for your people who are held by us in the church.

And we say to the Vatican:
Just as you met a few days before with the Christians of the Middle East in their different forms to support and aid them, now put pressure upon them to release our sisters, for otherwise death will come to you all, and will bring destruction to all the Christians in the region if you do not deal with this matter.

And know that the era of your solitary oppression and force is finished, for Allah has granted us Jihad, so just as you kill, you will be killed, and just as you imprison you will be imprisoned, and because you made your churches into prisons for the Muslim women, we will make them into graves for you, with the permission of Allah.

So you have forty-eight (48) hours to fulfill our simple and just demand, and if you deny it, then blame only yourselves, and the end will not only be the death of the hostages, instead it will open upon your people a door that you do not wish to open, not only in Iraq, but in Egypt and as-Sham and the other countries of the region.

For you have among us hundreds of thousands of followers, and hundreds of churches, and they will all be our targets if you do not respond.

And peace be upon the one who follows the guidance.

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