Oct 14, 2010

Pope attacks Islam, calling to fight the religion of Allah

Pope Benedict XVI urged Christians to fear Islam, according to the Aljazeera.

In his speech at the conference of Catholic bishops, he said: "The rise of political Islam in the Middle East poses a threat to Christians in the Arab world and must be faced down together".

Benedict did not stop at his calls for a war against Islam. In his speech before the Holy Synod of Bishops in the Middle East, he attacked the very religion of Islam, calling it a "false divinity", in which dominates a "terrorist ideology".

He added: "... they make violence apparently in the name of Allah: These are false divinities that must be unmasked".

Benedict also said: "... false divinities have money, which makes man a slave and fully control him, instead he is driven by them, for which he suffers and sometimes dies".

In his speech, delivered in the context of attacks on Islam, the pope reminded of drugs: "Drugs that destroy the whole earth, and a lifestyle that contributes to the spread of this public opinion, where marriage does not count and chastity is no longer a virtue" .

Benedict did not elaborate on what Islam have to do with drugs, which according to the Sharia are strictly prohibited and severely punished, and on what basis the pope is trying to link Islam to the total demoralization of the family in the Christian world and the complete degradation of a human being, which brings the people in the West to the state of an animal.

A two-week conference of the Holy Synod of Bishops under the slogan "The Catholic church unity and witness in the Middle East" with the participation of ministers and experts who will focus on the future of Christians in the Middle East is to be held this year.

The patriarch of the Coptic Catholic Church, Anthony Naguib, said: "Since 1970, we have witnessed the rise of political Islam in the region, which has affected Christians, especially in the Arab world, and seeks to impose the Islamic way of life on all citizens".

"We must face together this threat" (the "threat" of Islam), he added.

He also declared that "the difficulties in the relations between Christians and Muslims generally arise when Muslims do not distinguish between religion and politics, on this basis, Christians sense an uneasiness".

We would like to point out in this connection that the religion of Islam clearly indicates that the "difficulties", which the Christian priest spoke about, will exist until the Day of Judgment, and Islam is a way of life and a comprehensive system of the life order by the Lord of the Worlds, before Whom no one have privileges, except in piety. All other religions and ideologies only serve the interests of those in power, imposing worship of creatures instead of the worship of the Creator, and inventing their own laws and practices, which is a direct act of rebellion against the Lord of the Worlds.

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