Oct 19, 2010

Mujahideen attack compound of Russian main puppet's 'parliament' in Chechen capital


Occupation sources report a small squad of Mujahideen burst into the puppet parliament building in the Avtorkhanov district of capital Jokhar on Tuesday.

According to preliminary data, a martyr bomber first detonated an explosive device, and then a Mujahid squad of three men broke into the building.

The invaders and local puppets report conflicting information about the incident. Reports say 4 of Kadyrov's puppet policemen were killed. No accurate data available on how many members of Kadyrov's "parliament" and other puppet were killed and wounded in the attack.

There is no accurate data on what exactly happened in the building of the "parliament". The invaders and puppets claim that the Mujahideen were killed immediately. However, according other evidence the fight was proceeded for about an hour. Some sources reported gunfire is still going on.

Sources say that when "deputies" in their cars drove to the "parliament", they were followed by a car with the Mujahideen. One of the Mujahideen had blew himself up and three others broke through the building, a fierce fight occurred.

According to other information, 4 Mujahideen broke into the building, and there was no explosion. The Mujahideen squad entered the building shot all that were present inside the "parliament.

As usual in such cases, the invaders and puppets convey confusing information about what happened.

It is claimed for example, that a squad of Mujahideen was allegedly blocked in a room and then they were all killed. However, the nature of the attack on Kadyrov's "parliament" does not imply the possibility of "blocking" the Mujahideen, as it clearly a martyr operation and no one of them was going to keep defense in the building.

A duty version that "Kadyrov arrived on the scene and personally supervised the operation" is also announced. The same tale was reported after the Mujahideen attacked Kadyrov's lair, the village of Khosi-Yurt (aka Tsentoroi).

Kadyrov, in turn, repeated the same thing he said after the attack of the Mujahideen in Khosi-Yurt. According to his version, a squad of Mujahideen that attacked the parliament was immediately eliminated "in 15 minutes". The Russian stooge announced that the Mujahideen "were finished off by 6 special policemen". "None of members of parliament were injured, they were evacuated", said the puppet.

He also "clarified" the number of casualties, saying that "2 policemen and a steward were killed". Kadyrov gave this entire "summary" by a telephone conversation with Putin, who "called Kadyrov to ask what happened".

However, one of Kadyrov's police chieftains, Edilov, denied his boss. He said 4 puppet policemen were killed and 10 wounded during the attack of the Mujahideen. In this case, according to Edilov, 2 Mujahideen were blew themselves up and 2 were fighting.

Meanwhile, the seriousness of the incident in capital Jokhar indicated by the fact that the ringleader of "Interior Ministry of Russia", Nurgaliyev, has urgently arrived in the city and held an "emergency meeting" with Kadyrov.

According to some reports a Kadyrov's "speaker", Dukvakha Abdurakhmanov, was in the parliament building during the attack. It is claimed that he managed to escape from the building and survived.

KC sources, meanwhile, reported that armored vehicles are stationed at the entrance to the capital Jokhar. The city is sealed off. Roadblocks are placed on the perimeter of Jokhar. The residents of Jokhar prefer to stay in their homes. Armored vehicles are moving in the streets of the city.

KC source has also reported about a powerful explosion rocked the neighborhood Ipodromny in the morning at about 8:50 am. After the explosion a hour-long fierce fighting is reported to have been taken place. No accurate data available on had actually happened there.

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