Oct 7, 2010

Message from Sheikh Usama Ibn Laden (HA): Stances Regarding the Method of Relief Work

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Stances Regarding the Method of Relief Work

By The Mujahid Sheikh / Osama bin Laden May Allah protect him
All praise be to Allah, we thank Him, and seek His assistance, and seek forgiveness from Him, and we ask Allah to protect us from the evil of our deeds and the sins of our making, He whom Allah guides can never be misguided, and He whom Allah doesn't guide will never find Guidance.
I bear witness that none has the right to be worshipped but Allah, alone with no partners, and I bear witness that Muhammad is His slave and Messenger.

To proceed:

My Muslim nation:

Peace be upon you, and the Mercy of Allah, and His blessings.
I congratulate you on the arrival of the blessed month of Ramadan, the month of Quran, the month of fasting and elongated night prayers, the month of alms giving and jihad, let's put effort into worshipping, and more effort into staying away from whatever deviates from our remembrance of Allah, Glorified and Exalted.

My Muslim brothers:

What our nation is going through by way of great climate changes and its effects in terms of the catastrophes and great natural disasters that have taken place in many Islamic countries, it is not sufficient any more to accept what has been done in terms of rescue work as it has been done in the past. Even though tents, food and medicine are arriving when required, the scale of the disasters needs much more than what's being presented, in terms of quantity, quality, type and timing.

We need a huge change in the method of rescue work, as while the number of victims of current climate change is very high, the numbers will greatly increase in the future, according to studies. The number affected are greater than those affected by war, for which countries enroll the strongest of men and assign them into training programs using up a large portion of their budget.

What the countries in the region have spent up until now is in the region of 100,000 Euros per year, and this has had no effect on situation of the Palestinians, while dealing with the rescue work is considered even less important: what is spent on relief doesn't even come close to the amount that is spent maintaining their armies. If only 1% of those budgets had been spent in honesty and with experience for the last decade on rescue work, the face of the earth would have been different for the poor, and their circumstances would likewise be very different.

What we are experiencing today, with large part of the earth suffering drought especially in Africa, while floods ravage other regions, costing thousands of lives to be lost in just a few days Pakistan alone, not to mention the fact that millions of people were made homeless and were displaced.

This requires that those with kind hearts, and men of will, move in a determined manner to swiftly assist their Muslim brothers in Pakistan. As this disaster is huge and is indescribable, it requires a huge aid effort, so elect from amongst yourselves someone to come and see the situation on the ground for you. Have you not seen the Muslim Pakistani brother who was up to his chest in water, with his hands held up holding his two children who were between the ages of 5 and 6? Or haven't you heard those women begging you, by the name of Allah, Glorified and Exalted, to come and rescue them?

Therefore everyone who is capable of aiding the Muslims in Pakistan, he must recognise the severity of this affair for the Muslims: millions of children are now surviving in the open: deprived of the most basic necessities of life, including clean drinking water, which makes them highly susceptible to numerous serious diseases, and which causes them to lose fluids and causes dehydration, which contributes to a very high infant mortality rate. I ask Allah the Exalted to lighten the burden on them, and the have mercy on them.

Due to the increasing effects of the disasters occurring due to climate change, the response shouldn't be only to give emergency aid, but rather to create a specialised aid organisation, which has enough knowledge, experience and energy to enable it to deal efficiently with the great effects of climate changes which are rapidly increasing. This organisation should bear many responsibilities and great duties which require the combined efforts of the sincere.

One of its duties would be, for example, to make a study of those communities situated next to rivers, and in valleys and finding ways to prepare them for the effects of climate change. What happened recently in the city of Jeddah as a result of the floods, was to be expected for a very simple reason: that the city of Jeddah and many like it are not only located in valleys but also because many establishments and residential areas are built upon a poorly-drained area.

I am not trying to assign blame for this disaster, that must be dealt with separately, but I am merely stating the facts, so that we avoid this happening again in the future, and to find radical solutions to dangers that may threaten people's lives. We should review the safety standards and regulations for all of our dams and bridges.


We must do what's necessary for those countries which are hit by famines, occurring as a result of war or climate change. As we often know of an imminent famine one year or more in advance, any delay in supplying necessary aid may result in huge number of casualties especially amongst children. He who survives death couldn't avoid having a weak body,and weak mental capabilities, as a result of malnutrition.


We must create development projects in those afflicted and underdeveloped areas. There's a great chance to establish these projects, as in general they would only require limited expenses, for example building canals and dams in the countries where there's seasonal rain such as Sudan, Chad, Somalia and Yemen. From my past experience in Sudan before, one dam was able to irrigate tens of thousands of hectares of land which meant tens of thousands of people could return. And the cost of this project, including all the canals would be around 250,000 Euros, give or take a little, based on the availability of construction materials.


We must work towards building food security. The reports state that if even one of the major wheat exporting countries were to stop exporting, due to some disaster of their own, the result would be many deaths due to famines around the world especially in our region.

This problem couldn't be solved with money, which wouldn't be of any use when famine strikes and there was no bread available, which is the main food. In Sudan, which has seasonal rain areas that are good for planting wheat exceeding 200 million hectares, only a little of it has been used.

So the people have to aware of these dangers, and we must encourage merchants and the families of merchants, to make some of their people available, to aid in relief and agriculture projects. Today, merchants are the knights of these fields, so to save their nations from expected famines, we have to concentrate on these areas and avoid investing in less important matters. We can't think of investing in agriculture in these circumstances as requiring a lot of effort and only generating a small income if compared to other investments.
The situation today is not that merely one of profit or loss, but rather it's a matter of life or death. Taking into consideration that this kind of deal need insight, and to make deals that guarantee the rights of the investor, and not hinder his work, given that it's most important in investment work to be independent and that the state has no share in running it, Investment in Africa has produced some successful results, and others that were not assuch, and it all depends on our knowledge of the people of the countries where we invest. Some people do their best work outside their own countries, for reasons such as the inclusion of other energies in the work. They produce their best results in their own countries when others are brought in to assist with the work, where those outside experts manage the business.

Fifth:We must increase the awareness of the Muslims about the danger of using up their water wells, which are non-renewable. Instead a network of pipes should be built that connect these wells to the main water network to be used when necessary.
I urge my Muslim brothers to do good deeds, and to do all they can to rescue those less fortunate in need and to alleviate their suffering. For when you alleviate the burden of a Believer in this world Allah will alleviate a burden from you on the Day of Judgment. So let's work towards that day, and let's consider what Allah, Glorified and Exalted, says:
"Establish worship, and pay the poor-due; and whatever of good ye send before (you) for your souls, ye will find it with Allah" [Surah al-Baqarah: 110]

May Allah reward you with the good, and I ask Allah's forgiveness. And Allah is Ever-Merciful, Oft-Forgiving
I ask Allah the All-Mighty, the Lord of the Noble Throne, to have mercy on the Muslim martyrs, whoever was killed fighting Jihad in the path of Allah, and those who drowned inthe floods. And that Allah make their graves easy for them, and to enter them into His Paradise, and to give their families recompense, for He is the only one who can do that.
I ask you Allah to preserve me from the loss of Your blessing, and the removal of your health bestowed on me, and the suddenness of your revenge, and all conditions in which you are not pleased,
Oh Allah: "Our Lord! Give us good in this world and good in the Hereafter, and defend us from the torment of the Fire!"[Surah al-Baqarah:201]
May Allah send prayers on our Prophet Muhammad, and his family, and his Companions in their entirety.


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