Oct 12, 2010

Inspire Magazine by Al Qaeda : 2nd Issue now released!!!


Al Qaeda have today released the 2nd issue of their English language magazine "Inspire". I have not yet got to read it but looking through it, it appears that it is of the same great standard that issue 1 was and it contains many interesting articles.

View Online:

Here are some download links:




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Some Screenshots:

Front Cover 

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10 comments: on "Inspire Magazine by Al Qaeda : 2nd Issue now released!!!"

Lut said...

I am really looking forward to reading this new magazine. The first one was brilliant and very "inspiring". It would be good to see them come to us more frequently.

Anonymous said...

"The ultimate mowing machine", I take it they are talking about running people over with cars. These people are crazy and need to be stopped.

Anonymous said...

What is the actual weblink to the Magazine?

InspireMV said...

"What is the actual weblink to the Magazine?"

The magazine like other official Mujahideen releases was released onto the forums with multiple links to download it. There was no actual weblink so to speak.

It now has been hosted however on a number of sites and I have embedded a copy in the above post for ease of viewing.

InspireMV said...

Already the magazine has received alot of press:

Second issue of Al-Qaeda magazine Inspire put online

According to US media outlets, a second issue of a popular, glossy magazine published by Al-Qaeda in English, Inspire, has been released on the Internet on October 11.

US media outlets indicate that among the most interesting materials presented there is an interview with Abu Sufyan Al-Azdi (aka Sa'id Al-Shihri), an article by the American Al-Qaeda spokesman Adam Gadahn entitled "Legitimate Demands 2", and two articles by Anwar Al-Awlaki.

The second issue of the Inspire also includes an article by 24 year-old former North Carolina and New York City resident entitled "I Am Proud To Be a Traitor to America."

On the cover of a magazine, it is reported that this is a story of an American Muslim and a Jihad warrior Samir Khan.

The cover page of the article states that the story of the Muslim American jihadi warrior Samir Khan is as follows.

After working a few years in the Islamic media sector in America, he packed his bags and left for Yemen to help the Mujahideen.

This is an account of how a Muslim chose to make such a decision, US media outlets indicate and quotes excerpts from the article:

"He said, "I am a traitor to America because my religion requires me to be".

He talked about traveling to Yemen and the FBI's spying on him in North Carolina.

He called himself "al-Qaeda to the core" and praised Osama bin Laden, calling him "leader of this global fight against the West".

The American discussed what it felt like when a person is prepared to make sacrifices.

Samir also quoted WikiLeaks' Julian Assange calling on the US to change its policies if it wants to prevent more attacks inside its border.

He ends by pledging to wage Jihad until "we implement Islam all over the world or meet our Lord as bears of Islam".

The second part of the quoted review of the latest issue of the English-language magazine of al-Qaeda, Inspire, an anti-Islamic website Memri promises to publish in the near future coming days.

You can read the 2nd issue of this interesting illustrated magazine, a Special Gift for the Islamic Nation, by using this link.

Department of Monitoring
Kavkaz Center

InspireMV said...

""The ultimate mowing machine", I take it they are talking about running people over with cars. These people are crazy and need to be stopped."

Indeed that is what they are speaking about, but you should read the magazine first then make your comments as that generally is a better method. How can you make a comment without knowledge.

On the issue of using cars as a weapon this makes sense on a number of levels. Why the need for someone to risk getting caught by buying explosives etc when they can just use a car? This also enables people to attack the kuffar by themselves and as such it would be next to impossible to stop.

Also it will show that an attack can come at any time from any where and as such will terrify the enemies of Allah.

Look at 9/11, not explosives or guns. Essentially using a car is just 9/11 on a micro scale. The brothers who wrote the magazine or simply trying to get Muslims to think outside the box and to remove excuses such as "we had no weapons and that is why we did nothing".

Ali said...

"mowing" down someone does not make a person a mujahideen or a martr. Anyone is able to do this.

ken said...

"The mowing down machine" is a big Ford F150 pickup. Now that's funny. It's good to see al Qaeda has a sense of humor.

InspireMV said...

I dont know much about pickup trucks but I dont see what is humorous about this

InspireMV said...

Ali said...
"mowing" down someone does not make a person a mujahideen or a martr. Anyone is able to do this.

Brother Ali, no one said that simply mowing down someone makes a person a Mujahid or a Martyr. A Mujahid is one who fights to make the word of Allah supreme and if a person fights for this using a car or a plane, a knife or a gun then there is really not difference. Being a Mujahid or a martyr is based on what you fight for, not what you fight with.

As for your statement that anyone could do this then indeed this is true and that is the entire point of it. A person does not need to undergo any kind of training to carry out what the brothers suggest. The beauty is in the simplicity.


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