Oct 14, 2010

"Help Your Brothers In Pakistan" By Sheikh Osama Bin Laden H.A




Help Your Brothers in Pakistan

By The Mujahid Sheikh Osama bin Laden May Allah protect him

All praise be to Allah, and peace and prayers be on our Prophet Muhammad, and his family and his Companions and those who follow him righteously.

To proceed:

My Muslim nation, peace be upon you, and the Mercy of Allah, and His Blessings.

My topic is about the floods of Pakistan, and the method of saving tens of thousands of its children, and the way to minimise its dangers as best we can, with the permission Allah.

The size of the catastrophe of the floods in Pakistan is enormous, and the complications which have occurred continue to increase. Millions of Muslims are suffering very badly, and tens of thousands are still at risk of death. The response should have been as great from the beginning of the catastrophe, as big as the disaster itself, especially from those best able to help: such as Turkey, the Gulf states and Malaysia. It is regrettable that up until this point, there hasn't been a suitable response, in terms of rescue work and how to deal with the catastrophe, and there has been an obvious shortage on the part of the media.

There have been some efforts put into showing the extent of the floods, but they have not been sufficient for the scale of the crisis. We in this case don't blame the television channels, which have adopted propaganda for the ruler and magnifying his image as their primary role - that's why they exist. Their role in saving life in such great catastrophes is not so important to them.

But those channels should have sought to perform their duty and improve their standards in the face of such a crisis:
Twenty million Muslims were in a state of constant crisis, and tens of millions were damaged indirectly, as a result of one fifth of the total area of Pakistan being submerged, and the area which was submerged was the crop-producing region, which will lead to a huge shortage in food and could cause widespread famine.

This event was one of the most serious of all the catastrophic events in the past century, so the leaders of the people should have dealt with it in conjunction with the leaders of media channels, but this did not happen.

Also, wouldn't it have been appropriate for the leaders of our nations to fight to go to Pakistan - before the United Nations' Secretary General travelled from the far West a month after the event? In spite of the many animosity-filled stances against our nation of his organisation, and with no ties between him and the Muslims of Pakistan, neither in terms of religion nor kinship. He only came because he had to, as part of his job, only to take a ride with his plane around the affected areas, and he was stunned by what he saw. He stated that he has never seen a catastrophe on that scale in his life.

Meanwhile the Arab leaders never came, in spite of the fact the are a shorter distance away, and their claims of brotherhood, as well as the amount of time they spend in Pakistan in good times rather than bad.

My Muslim nation:

The soul of one Muslim, man or woman, old or young, is of very important value for Allah the Exalted. And this importance means we must also take care, the reports of the concerned organisations point to the possibility of the death of tens of thousands of children. This means many Muslim souls will receive no care either from the government of Pakistan or the governments of the Islamic world, if we as a nation don't realise the size of the catastrophe and the amount of shortage present in dealing with it. This realisation can only come from hearing and seeing (for ourselves).

It was necessary to photograph it from ground-level, as well as from above by aeroplanes on a daily basis, and to follow the route of the floods from the valleys, to record its effects on villages and the buildings, from the (geographical) top of Pakistan down to the bottom.

This would show the true size of the floods, with all its effects and repercussions both vertically and horizontally, and accordingly, it would allow the people to see how big the catastrophe's repercussions were on day-to-day life.

This would help the responsible people to do what is required, to tackle those issues requiring instant intervention. These include: organising the required equipment to evacuate those stranded and cut-off by the water, as well those likely to be stranded, as well as organising food and drink, as well as housing and tents, providing psychological and health care, and assessing the agricultural affairs front and its repercussions.

On the engineering matters front in all its fields which are related, safety regulations need to be reconsidered considering safety and security on roads, bridges and dams. In this way we can learn from this, and take precautions to help deal with such events in this region, and others where people live beside rivers and in valleys.

Government leaders should have visited the affected areas, to see what precautions to help those who live beside rivers and in valleys in their own countries. In this way people can see for themselves if the rescue work of the nations is real and serious and proportional to the scale of the disaster, or less than it should be.

My Muslim nation:

The main responsibility for the poor response to their catastrophe lies first and foremost with those who occupy the sources of power: the judiciary, executive and legislative branches.

Law-makers are making laws away from Allah's governance, they have dismissed those senior judges who rule by the rule of Allah for giving verdicts according to Shariah and in opposition to what the ruler wishes. The wielding of executive power is limited to the personal whims of the ruler too. Even the media, except in the rare occasions, is as well.

Responsibility for the crisis corresponds to the amount of power, without forgetting the unjust limits they place on where voluntary work could be carried out, dictated by Washington, but which only apply to poor, weak Muslims.

In short, as the world is going through enormous climate change, where the number of casualties is even more in many instances than the number of the casualties of wars. So in the same way that media organisations have war correspondents, every major channel should have an dedicated crew, which consists of a team of experts, especially in the areas of administration, rescue, medicine, agriculture, civil engineering and irrigation.

They should start moving instantaneously in the first few hours after an event, to provide a true integrated image to the people with all its dimensions, and for each one to give detailed reports in their specialist field about the impact on daily life in the affected area, and to suggest ways to avoid such a disaster being repeated.

These things can be done to prevent future disasters, with the permission of Allah:

Creating sand barriers on the banks of the rivers, from the top of Pakistan to its bottom, ensuring the material used is according the followed practises and procedures in road construction. Two sand walls on the sides of a river would cost around 2% of the material cost which was caused by the flood let alone the lives lost and human suffering. The details of dams and their attachments are well known by specialised engineers, such as the height and distance from the rivers' sides, as would be required in the new circumstances after the flood.

Also we warn others of a matter that is one of our weakest points, and a cause for scarcity and lateness of rescue aid. It is the tendency towards hateful, narrow nationalism, as

The great financial wealth found in the Arabia Peninsula, is Muslim money. The Muslim oil is for all the Muslims, but in reality, some of it is being taken unfairly, and is spent in the wrong place, and is wasted without accountability.

Meanwhile many Muslims are being subjected to floods, famine, disease, hunger, ignorance, and are actually dying!

And there is no power or might except from Allah!

So the rescue of Muslim souls as swiftly and efficiently as possible has several important prerequisites.


The presence of an administration that is able to efficiently cope with the events with experience and jealousy in their defence of, and feeling for, the blood of the Muslims. This is not available in most of the official workers of the nations, but only in some men who are volunteering for Allah' sake in the unpaid voluntary field, and in some company managers, who are well known to be good administrators and fast and efficient performers.

Men such as those are able - with the permission of Allah - to establish and run systems that deal with the crisis in the best manner. It is known that these elements are available in some Muslim countries. Some of them have great experience in relief work in Pakistan, from the days of aiding the Afghan immigrants. Some of them are Red Crescent managers in Saudi Arabia, and in Kuwait.


The availability of huge financial resources.


The availability of people who are jealous in their defence of the souls of Muslims in volunteer groups and there are many of those by the grace of Allah in Pakistan.


The availability of Turkish, Arab, Malaysian and other volunteers, to help their brothers and comfort them, and make sure the aid is delivered to all those who are affected, and to participate in transferring the details of the disaster to other Muslims, of the size of the catastrophe so that it can be dealt with. Volunteers should be jealous in their defence of the blood of the Muslims, and motivated to take action by the hadith of the Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him: "He who runs to help the widow and the poor is like a Mujahid in the path of Allah" (Agreed upon)

Before I finish, I remind my Muslim brothers that the Islamic crescent - from Indonesia, Malaysia, Bangladesh, the Muslim parts of India, Kashmir, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq and Turkey - make of a large portion of the Ummah, and are the first line of defence against the enemies in the east and north, and it's by the grace of Allah, and after that by the Muslims in Afghanistan, who received all kinds of support from Pakistan, that we stopped the red invasion, thirty years ago.

And it's by the grace of Allah, and after that by this Islamic crescent, that we will stop all greedy enemies in the future, though they are numerous.

To conclude:

I ask Allah the Exalted to lighten the burden on Muslims in Pakistan from what they're suffering, and to have mercy on their elders and women and children, and to give support to His worshippers, and whoever gives a hand of support to them.

And I ask Him (Bountiful and Majestic) as well to have mercy on their dead, and to heal their wounded, and give shelter to those who are homeless, for Allah has the power to do all that.

"Our Lord! Give unto us in the world that which is good and in the Hereafter that which is good, and guard us from the punishment of the Fire" [Surah al-Baqarah: 201]

May Allah send prayers upon our prophet Muhammad, and his family, and his Companions in their entirety.

And our final prayer is that all praise be to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds.




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