Oct 30, 2010

UK and US probe terror risk after Yemen cargo finds

A checked UPS jet at Philadelphia

The US and UK are investigating the extent of a terror threat after explosives were found in two packages bound for the US from Yemen.
The packages were found in the UK and Dubai on two overnight cargo planes in transit from Yemen on Friday.
President Barack Obama said the devices were a "credible terrorist threat".
UK Home Secretary Theresa May said experts were trying to establish whether the package found in Britain was "a viable explosive device".
Mr Obama's top counter-terrorism adviser John Brennan said: "The United States is not assuming that the attacks were disrupted and is remaining vigilant."
The discovery of the packages on FedEx and UPS cargo planes triggered security alerts in the US, UK and Middle East. Other planes at US airports were checked because they were thought to contain items from Yemen.
US officials later said that the two packages had been made inert.
The device found in Britain's East Midlands Airport was reportedly an ink toner cartridge that had been modified.
The packages were destined for Jewish places of worship in Chicago, Mr Obama said.
The alerts were:
  • Suspect package found at Dubai
  • Suspect package found at East Midlands Airport, UK
  • Three cargo planes owned by the freight company UPS searched in Newark and Philadelphia
  • US fighter jets escorted Emirates flight 201 from Dubai into New York, with officials saying the action was being taken "out of an abundance of caution" because cargo from Yemen was on board
  • Suspect package from Yemen examined on a delivery lorry in New York
  • BA flight from London to New York met by authorities amid reports of search of its cargo
Saudi tip-off
Speaking at a White House press conference late on Friday, President Obama said that "an initial examination of those [two] packages has determined that they do apparently contain explosive material".
"Although we are still pursuing all the facts, we do know that the packages originated in Yemen.
"We also know that al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula - a terrorist group based in Yemen - continues to plan attacks against our homeland, our citizens and our friends and allies."
He stressed that new aviation security measures were being taken in light of the alert by the Department of Homeland Security, "including additional screening".
John Brennan added: "It does appear there were explosive materials in both of the packages. They were in a form that was designed to try to carry out some type of an attack. The initial analysis is that the materials that were found and the device that was uncovered was intended to do harm."
The White House later said Saudi Arabia had provided information that helped identify the threat.
The UK's Daily Telegraph reported that an MI6 officer responsible for Yemen had received a tip-off.
FedEx and UPS suspended all their shipments out of Yemen, saying they would fully co-operate with investigators.
Speaking in London early on Saturday, Mrs May said that "at this stage I can say that the device [found in Britain] did contain explosive material".
"The forensic work continues," she said, adding that the British government's emergency committee, known as Cobra, had met on Friday and would hold another meeting later on Saturday.
"We are reviewing the security measures for air freight from Yemen and are in discussion with industry contacts," she said.
US officials told Associated Press they believed the packages contained PETN (pentaerythritol tetranitrate) - the same powerful explosive used in the failed bombing of a US-bound airliner last Christmas Day. However, the officials said that full testing had not been completed.
US security services remain on a high level of vigilance in the wake of the attempted Times Square bombing in May and the alleged attempted Christmas Day attack.


Oct 29, 2010

'Dissecting' Al Qaidah

The blessed raids

Today Al-Qaeda has become a great power, attracting the interests of young Muslims to join and fight alongside them. This movement which has become global and moved very secretly, continues to terrify every Nation, and people who harbor hatred against the revival of Islam will surely exist in accordance with the promise of Allah SWT and the prediction of Rasulullah SAW concerning the end times.

From the mountains of Afghanistan to the exotic continent of Africa, Al-Qaeda has established itself, breaking the concentration of America with resistance all over the world. When the Americans were focused with their Crusader war project in Afghanistan and Iraq, Al-Qaeda executed attacks at the hearts of cities around the world and the regions that became the puppets of the Crusader-Zionist America.

With their global jihad ideology, Al-Qaeda is never too late in responding to the every cry of the oppressed Muslims, the children whose happiness are snatched and the dejected Muslimahs whose honour are insulted. They are present, there in the midst of the Muslims to defend and fight for the rights of the oppressed. It is with this ideology of global jihad too that Al-Qaeda have brought together the hearts that were once disunited due to fanaticism towards own group, ethnicity and mazhab. They are united by a sense of longing for the establishment of the Khilafah Islamiyah and Shaheed in struggling for the pure and noble Dien of Allah. There is no more divider between them, because the common interest is everything.

With a sincere and genuine struggle, it makes the ummah, who are yearning for the revival of Islam, wonder how to join this movement full of barokah (blessings) and support it with all the capabilities that they have. This answer is actually very easy for the people who are honest to the iman (faith) and 'ilm (cognition) that they believe in.

Al-Qaeda is a movement that was born amid the people of Ahlus Sunnah wal jama’ah, so their ideology is an ideology of the people of Ahlus Sunnah wal jama’ah, not any other, placing the ulama's in a position according to their portion and make Al-Qur’an and Sunnah as as a reference in the improvement of the self, society and the world.

In da'wah, calling towards tawheed is the main goal of Al-Qaeda. Inviting to the worship of Allah SWT alone and leaving the concepts that are damaging to the aqeedah of the Muslims which today are named with beautiful names but are heading toward kufr. Therefore, Al-Qaeda very strongly opposes the concepts that are not sourced from Al-Qur’an and Sunnah such as democracy, communism and all that are derived from these two ideas which basically are plunging mankind into destructions.

In the activities of struggling for Islam, Al-Qaeda makes jihad as a most effective means in restoring the light of Islam once again, not through diplomacy with the kafirs who have oppressed the Muslims or by jumping into the valley of dishonor of the parliaments using the manhaj of democracy which gives illusions to its followers.

Al-Qaeda makes jihad as a medium in grabbing back the glory of Islam that has become dim because today the kafirs have obviously imported their mushrik and kafir religion by use of military force, so there is no other choice except to pick up weapons in order to defend the honor of the Muslims. This had been delivered by Sheikh Usamah bin Ladin – Hafidzahullah- in the fatwa he conveyed through the Taujih Manhajiyyah:

My message to you all, is specifically to rekindle the spirit of jihad and continue the encouragement to conduct jihad, for the purpose of obstructing the great conspiracy which had been planned and developed to confront our ummah specifically, and we have seen some of its phenomenon clearly.” 

That's the reason why Al-Qaeda makes Jihad as the method in struggling and of course there are more important reasons i.e. to revive the lost and forgotten obligation of the Muslims, jihad fie sabilillah. Jihad is not an empty words without meaning, jihad has become a word that made Islam in power for many centuries which had caused the kafir and munafiq to try to distort and make bad the callers and activists of jihad who affiliated with Al-Qaeda (the one and only jama’ah that makes jihad as the instrument), with bad nicknames like what know and feel to this day.

So for the Muslims, where ever they are, who want to join Al-Qaeda and become a part of them, they must fulfill the above conditions and criteria, namely having a true tawheed and leaving all objects of worship and concepts that are incompatible with the revelations of Allah SWT and the Sunnah of our noble Prophet, Muhammad SAW.

And subsequently support every jihad activity that defends the honor of the Muslims which had been seized by the kafir and support the jihad that aims at establishing the kalimah of Allah SWT, so that only Allah is worshiped on this earth. The supports could be in the form of physical forces, materials, oral or written words, in fact the most important of all is do'a.

For those who do not agree with what is done by Al-Qaeda, then let them search with an honest heart in Al-Quran and the Sunnah and compare with what is done by Al-Qaeda today. And silence is better than criticizing something we have no knowledge of (due to not receiving guidance).

That's a bit about Al-Qaeda known to this writer, this writer tries to be equitable in seeing the phenomenon of Al-Qaeda and it doesn't have to mean that the writer is claiming to be a part of the blessed organization of Al-Qaeda, very far is this writer from them whose nature is described by Allah SWT as follows:

"O you who have believed, whoever of you should revert from his religion – Allah will bring forth [in place of them] a people He will love and who will love Him [who are] humble towards the believers, powerful against the disbelievers; they strive (conduct jihad) in the cause of Allah and do not fear the blame of a critic. That is the favor of Allah; He bestows it upon whom He wills. And Allah is all-Encompassing and Knowing." (Q.S. Al-Maidah :54)

[By:Muhammad Hanif/muslimdaily.net]

The Arabs And Muslims: between the Conferences of Desertion.. and the individual Duty of Jihad

brother azzam lecture

The Arabs And Muslims:
between the Conferences of Desertion..
and the individual Duty of Jihad


Adam Yahiye Gadan 
may allah protect him

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Qaida Al-Jihad in the Arabian Peninsula: "Report of the Detention of the Deputy Director of Political Security in Saada."

In the Name of Allah, The Merciful, The Compassionate

Qaida Al-Jihad in the Arabian Peninsula

Glad Tidings for the Believers

"Report of the Detention of the Deputy Director of Political Security in Saada."
Praise be to Allah, Who says: “But indeed if any do help and defend themselves after a wrong (done) to them, against such there is no cause of blame.” [Ash-Shura: 41] Peace and prayers be upon His gracious Messenger, and his family and his Companions.

By the grace of Allah, one of our companies of Mujahideen has successfully arrested General Muhammad Salah Al-Hassam, the Deputy Director of Political Security in Saada on the 16th of Ramadan 1431 H, which corresponds with August 26th 2010. He has been managing spy agencies against the Muslims for twenty years. He terrorised the people, and raided the homes of peaceful people. He kidnapped some religious students from Dar Al-Hadeeth in Dammaj and unjustly and maliciously put them away in the Political Security prisons.

If the apostate government is interested in the well being of its spies, then it has no choice but to release the brothers Hussain Al-Tayys and Mashhoor Al-Ahdal within 48 hours of the publishing of this announcement.

We point out that the brothers Hussain Al-Tayys and Mashhoor Al-Ahdal were detained by the Shiite Houthis at one of their check points in Joof. After that, the Houthis delivered them to the Director of Political Security in Saada (Yahya Al-Morani) according to the confessions of the Deputy Director of Political Security, who is being incarcerated by us.
{“And Allah hath full power and control over His affairs;
But most among mankind know it not”

Oct 19, 2010

PHOTOS - Martyrs Muhammad Washa & Muhammad Zafoot, may Allah accept them

Some photos of our two brothers who where martyred this week in Filistine. (click on image to see full size):


Mujahideen attack compound of Russian main puppet's 'parliament' in Chechen capital


Occupation sources report a small squad of Mujahideen burst into the puppet parliament building in the Avtorkhanov district of capital Jokhar on Tuesday.

According to preliminary data, a martyr bomber first detonated an explosive device, and then a Mujahid squad of three men broke into the building.

The invaders and local puppets report conflicting information about the incident. Reports say 4 of Kadyrov's puppet policemen were killed. No accurate data available on how many members of Kadyrov's "parliament" and other puppet were killed and wounded in the attack.

There is no accurate data on what exactly happened in the building of the "parliament". The invaders and puppets claim that the Mujahideen were killed immediately. However, according other evidence the fight was proceeded for about an hour. Some sources reported gunfire is still going on.

Sources say that when "deputies" in their cars drove to the "parliament", they were followed by a car with the Mujahideen. One of the Mujahideen had blew himself up and three others broke through the building, a fierce fight occurred.

According to other information, 4 Mujahideen broke into the building, and there was no explosion. The Mujahideen squad entered the building shot all that were present inside the "parliament.

As usual in such cases, the invaders and puppets convey confusing information about what happened.

It is claimed for example, that a squad of Mujahideen was allegedly blocked in a room and then they were all killed. However, the nature of the attack on Kadyrov's "parliament" does not imply the possibility of "blocking" the Mujahideen, as it clearly a martyr operation and no one of them was going to keep defense in the building.

A duty version that "Kadyrov arrived on the scene and personally supervised the operation" is also announced. The same tale was reported after the Mujahideen attacked Kadyrov's lair, the village of Khosi-Yurt (aka Tsentoroi).

Kadyrov, in turn, repeated the same thing he said after the attack of the Mujahideen in Khosi-Yurt. According to his version, a squad of Mujahideen that attacked the parliament was immediately eliminated "in 15 minutes". The Russian stooge announced that the Mujahideen "were finished off by 6 special policemen". "None of members of parliament were injured, they were evacuated", said the puppet.

He also "clarified" the number of casualties, saying that "2 policemen and a steward were killed". Kadyrov gave this entire "summary" by a telephone conversation with Putin, who "called Kadyrov to ask what happened".

However, one of Kadyrov's police chieftains, Edilov, denied his boss. He said 4 puppet policemen were killed and 10 wounded during the attack of the Mujahideen. In this case, according to Edilov, 2 Mujahideen were blew themselves up and 2 were fighting.

Meanwhile, the seriousness of the incident in capital Jokhar indicated by the fact that the ringleader of "Interior Ministry of Russia", Nurgaliyev, has urgently arrived in the city and held an "emergency meeting" with Kadyrov.

According to some reports a Kadyrov's "speaker", Dukvakha Abdurakhmanov, was in the parliament building during the attack. It is claimed that he managed to escape from the building and survived.

KC sources, meanwhile, reported that armored vehicles are stationed at the entrance to the capital Jokhar. The city is sealed off. Roadblocks are placed on the perimeter of Jokhar. The residents of Jokhar prefer to stay in their homes. Armored vehicles are moving in the streets of the city.

KC source has also reported about a powerful explosion rocked the neighborhood Ipodromny in the morning at about 8:50 am. After the explosion a hour-long fierce fighting is reported to have been taken place. No accurate data available on had actually happened there.

Department of Monitoring
Kavkaz Center

Oct 17, 2010

As-Sahab: Abu Jafar al-Kuwaiti Martyrdom Operation against Invaders Base in Marjah


Al Qaeda "Statement regarding the Lies of the Government on the Recent Arrests"

In the Name of Allah, The Merciful, The Compassionate

Qaida Al-Jihad in the Arabian Peninsula

Glad Tidings for the Believers

"Statement regarding the Lies of the Government on the Recent Arrests"

Praise be to Allah, Who said: “It is those who believe not in the Signs of Allah, that forge falsehood: it is they who lie!” [An-Nahl: 105]. And prayers and peace upon His noble Messenger and upon his family and his Companions.

Every day, the regime in Sanaa hits us with its media outlets and false sources in the Ministry of the Interior, claiming imaginary victories to cover its defects, weakness and fear, which became apparent to everyone near and far thanks to the blessed Mujahideen attacks throughout those parts of the country that complain about this regime’s oppression, corruption and treason in exposing the country to the Crusader Americans from the air, ground and sea.

In order to improve their image with their American and crusader masters, to recover some of their respect, and try to save the honour that the lions of monotheism have rubbed in the mud, they claim that they have launched wide-scale raids in Southern Yemen and specifically in Lodar. They also claim that they arrested dozens of Mujahideen; this is what they hope, not what they have done! They are weaker than that, and praise be to Allah Who turned their schemes around upon themselves.

The truth of what happened is that they captured one brother – Brother Jaber Al-Fifi, may Allah release him – who was on a Jihadist mission, during which he was forced to abandon his weapon due to some security concerns. Anything more than that comes from their lies that they are addicted to.

We give Glad Tidings to our Muslim Ummah that the Mujahideen with the help of Allah are advancing with their Jihad, until Allah makes His religion manifest and makes His Shariah victorious. We proclaim that the wheel of Jihad and change is accelerating thanks to Allah and the sacrifices of the heroes, and the blood of the free.

{“And Allah hath full power and control over His affairs;
But most among mankind know it not”

To Download the Statement:


Pray for your brothers the Mujahideen

Your Brothers in

Al Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula

Saturday, 25 Ramadan 1431 H (Corresponding to September 4th 2010)

Source: Al-Fajr Media Center


Oct 14, 2010

"Help Your Brothers In Pakistan" By Sheikh Osama Bin Laden H.A




Help Your Brothers in Pakistan

By The Mujahid Sheikh Osama bin Laden May Allah protect him

All praise be to Allah, and peace and prayers be on our Prophet Muhammad, and his family and his Companions and those who follow him righteously.

To proceed:

My Muslim nation, peace be upon you, and the Mercy of Allah, and His Blessings.

My topic is about the floods of Pakistan, and the method of saving tens of thousands of its children, and the way to minimise its dangers as best we can, with the permission Allah.

The size of the catastrophe of the floods in Pakistan is enormous, and the complications which have occurred continue to increase. Millions of Muslims are suffering very badly, and tens of thousands are still at risk of death. The response should have been as great from the beginning of the catastrophe, as big as the disaster itself, especially from those best able to help: such as Turkey, the Gulf states and Malaysia. It is regrettable that up until this point, there hasn't been a suitable response, in terms of rescue work and how to deal with the catastrophe, and there has been an obvious shortage on the part of the media.

There have been some efforts put into showing the extent of the floods, but they have not been sufficient for the scale of the crisis. We in this case don't blame the television channels, which have adopted propaganda for the ruler and magnifying his image as their primary role - that's why they exist. Their role in saving life in such great catastrophes is not so important to them.

But those channels should have sought to perform their duty and improve their standards in the face of such a crisis:
Twenty million Muslims were in a state of constant crisis, and tens of millions were damaged indirectly, as a result of one fifth of the total area of Pakistan being submerged, and the area which was submerged was the crop-producing region, which will lead to a huge shortage in food and could cause widespread famine.

This event was one of the most serious of all the catastrophic events in the past century, so the leaders of the people should have dealt with it in conjunction with the leaders of media channels, but this did not happen.

Also, wouldn't it have been appropriate for the leaders of our nations to fight to go to Pakistan - before the United Nations' Secretary General travelled from the far West a month after the event? In spite of the many animosity-filled stances against our nation of his organisation, and with no ties between him and the Muslims of Pakistan, neither in terms of religion nor kinship. He only came because he had to, as part of his job, only to take a ride with his plane around the affected areas, and he was stunned by what he saw. He stated that he has never seen a catastrophe on that scale in his life.

Meanwhile the Arab leaders never came, in spite of the fact the are a shorter distance away, and their claims of brotherhood, as well as the amount of time they spend in Pakistan in good times rather than bad.

My Muslim nation:

The soul of one Muslim, man or woman, old or young, is of very important value for Allah the Exalted. And this importance means we must also take care, the reports of the concerned organisations point to the possibility of the death of tens of thousands of children. This means many Muslim souls will receive no care either from the government of Pakistan or the governments of the Islamic world, if we as a nation don't realise the size of the catastrophe and the amount of shortage present in dealing with it. This realisation can only come from hearing and seeing (for ourselves).

It was necessary to photograph it from ground-level, as well as from above by aeroplanes on a daily basis, and to follow the route of the floods from the valleys, to record its effects on villages and the buildings, from the (geographical) top of Pakistan down to the bottom.

This would show the true size of the floods, with all its effects and repercussions both vertically and horizontally, and accordingly, it would allow the people to see how big the catastrophe's repercussions were on day-to-day life.

This would help the responsible people to do what is required, to tackle those issues requiring instant intervention. These include: organising the required equipment to evacuate those stranded and cut-off by the water, as well those likely to be stranded, as well as organising food and drink, as well as housing and tents, providing psychological and health care, and assessing the agricultural affairs front and its repercussions.

On the engineering matters front in all its fields which are related, safety regulations need to be reconsidered considering safety and security on roads, bridges and dams. In this way we can learn from this, and take precautions to help deal with such events in this region, and others where people live beside rivers and in valleys.

Government leaders should have visited the affected areas, to see what precautions to help those who live beside rivers and in valleys in their own countries. In this way people can see for themselves if the rescue work of the nations is real and serious and proportional to the scale of the disaster, or less than it should be.

My Muslim nation:

The main responsibility for the poor response to their catastrophe lies first and foremost with those who occupy the sources of power: the judiciary, executive and legislative branches.

Law-makers are making laws away from Allah's governance, they have dismissed those senior judges who rule by the rule of Allah for giving verdicts according to Shariah and in opposition to what the ruler wishes. The wielding of executive power is limited to the personal whims of the ruler too. Even the media, except in the rare occasions, is as well.

Responsibility for the crisis corresponds to the amount of power, without forgetting the unjust limits they place on where voluntary work could be carried out, dictated by Washington, but which only apply to poor, weak Muslims.

In short, as the world is going through enormous climate change, where the number of casualties is even more in many instances than the number of the casualties of wars. So in the same way that media organisations have war correspondents, every major channel should have an dedicated crew, which consists of a team of experts, especially in the areas of administration, rescue, medicine, agriculture, civil engineering and irrigation.

They should start moving instantaneously in the first few hours after an event, to provide a true integrated image to the people with all its dimensions, and for each one to give detailed reports in their specialist field about the impact on daily life in the affected area, and to suggest ways to avoid such a disaster being repeated.

These things can be done to prevent future disasters, with the permission of Allah:

Creating sand barriers on the banks of the rivers, from the top of Pakistan to its bottom, ensuring the material used is according the followed practises and procedures in road construction. Two sand walls on the sides of a river would cost around 2% of the material cost which was caused by the flood let alone the lives lost and human suffering. The details of dams and their attachments are well known by specialised engineers, such as the height and distance from the rivers' sides, as would be required in the new circumstances after the flood.

Also we warn others of a matter that is one of our weakest points, and a cause for scarcity and lateness of rescue aid. It is the tendency towards hateful, narrow nationalism, as

The great financial wealth found in the Arabia Peninsula, is Muslim money. The Muslim oil is for all the Muslims, but in reality, some of it is being taken unfairly, and is spent in the wrong place, and is wasted without accountability.

Meanwhile many Muslims are being subjected to floods, famine, disease, hunger, ignorance, and are actually dying!

And there is no power or might except from Allah!

So the rescue of Muslim souls as swiftly and efficiently as possible has several important prerequisites.


The presence of an administration that is able to efficiently cope with the events with experience and jealousy in their defence of, and feeling for, the blood of the Muslims. This is not available in most of the official workers of the nations, but only in some men who are volunteering for Allah' sake in the unpaid voluntary field, and in some company managers, who are well known to be good administrators and fast and efficient performers.

Men such as those are able - with the permission of Allah - to establish and run systems that deal with the crisis in the best manner. It is known that these elements are available in some Muslim countries. Some of them have great experience in relief work in Pakistan, from the days of aiding the Afghan immigrants. Some of them are Red Crescent managers in Saudi Arabia, and in Kuwait.


The availability of huge financial resources.


The availability of people who are jealous in their defence of the souls of Muslims in volunteer groups and there are many of those by the grace of Allah in Pakistan.


The availability of Turkish, Arab, Malaysian and other volunteers, to help their brothers and comfort them, and make sure the aid is delivered to all those who are affected, and to participate in transferring the details of the disaster to other Muslims, of the size of the catastrophe so that it can be dealt with. Volunteers should be jealous in their defence of the blood of the Muslims, and motivated to take action by the hadith of the Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him: "He who runs to help the widow and the poor is like a Mujahid in the path of Allah" (Agreed upon)

Before I finish, I remind my Muslim brothers that the Islamic crescent - from Indonesia, Malaysia, Bangladesh, the Muslim parts of India, Kashmir, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq and Turkey - make of a large portion of the Ummah, and are the first line of defence against the enemies in the east and north, and it's by the grace of Allah, and after that by the Muslims in Afghanistan, who received all kinds of support from Pakistan, that we stopped the red invasion, thirty years ago.

And it's by the grace of Allah, and after that by this Islamic crescent, that we will stop all greedy enemies in the future, though they are numerous.

To conclude:

I ask Allah the Exalted to lighten the burden on Muslims in Pakistan from what they're suffering, and to have mercy on their elders and women and children, and to give support to His worshippers, and whoever gives a hand of support to them.

And I ask Him (Bountiful and Majestic) as well to have mercy on their dead, and to heal their wounded, and give shelter to those who are homeless, for Allah has the power to do all that.

"Our Lord! Give unto us in the world that which is good and in the Hereafter that which is good, and guard us from the punishment of the Fire" [Surah al-Baqarah: 201]

May Allah send prayers upon our prophet Muhammad, and his family, and his Companions in their entirety.

And our final prayer is that all praise be to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds.




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