Sep 19, 2010

Sheikh Abu Muhammad Al Maqdisi arrested

Sheikh Abu Muhammad Al Maqdisi
It has been confirmed by The Minbar of Tawheed and Jihad that our beloved Sheikh Abu Muhammad Al Maqdisi has been arrested by the Jordanian apostates.

The following is from his website:

The Sheikh was taken into custody on Friday and no one has had any contact with him since.

All brothers and sisters should keep him in their dua and ask Allah to hasten his release.
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2 comments: on "Sheikh Abu Muhammad Al Maqdisi arrested"

InspireMV said...

The following is from a kuffar source so we must take care in reading it:

Jordanian security services have proceeded in the night from Friday to Saturday to the arrest of the spiritual leader of International jihadi-Salafi current, Abou Mohamed El Maqdisi, alias Assem El Barkaoui.

According to people close to the Salafi leader, the security services had convened him at a late hour in the night of Friday, but he did not return back.
Some observers connect the arrest of El Maqdisi to the release of his latest book "Millat Ibrahim" (descendants of Abraham), which has raised the ire of Saudis.
In his introduction the author says, "I am innocent of what you worship besides Allah, your corrupt laws, ideologies, constitutions and principles, your rotten governments, courts, slogans and media.
Furthermore, and according to corroborating sources, the Jordanian security services have discovered the continuation of his relations with terrorist memberss. The latter was sighted a few days with a support group to the organization of the Salafi Group for Preaching and Combat (GSPC), who had contacted him in order to produce a new fatwa authorizing armed activities in Algeria, at the time when the Salafi current ulema produce fatwa prohibiting such activities in that country, the latest was that of Sheikh Ferkous.
El Maqdisi is known to have contradicted his own fatwas. After authirzing the armed activities in Algeria, he retracted and produce a fatwa prohibiting jihad in Algeria. El Maqdisi then called the elements of the GSPC to stop armed activities and attacks against their brethren.
According to information in our possession, El Maqdisi would have appointed Abu El Djazaïri Muslim member of the Legal Committee Site (Forum Tawhid and Jihad), official spokesperson of Sheikh Abu Muhammad Al Maqdisi, the spiritual father of the organization Al Qaeda, to sign on his behalf any document that would serve the terrorist organization, which confirms his involvement with unknown parties who want to keep the violence and bloodshed in Algeria.

InspireMV said...

The above just shows how wicked these kuffar are in that the article is full of plain lies. For example the book "Millat Ibrahim" is not a new book but was released 2 decades ago.

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