Sep 22, 2010

Moscow transfers more and more troops to Caucasus Emirate

In recent days residents of the occupied Caucasus Emirate observe unusually high activity of Russian troops. Additional units and sub-units, including armored and artillery, are being transferred to the provinces of Dagestan, Nokhchicho (AKA Ichkeria/Chechnya) Ghalghaycho (AKA Ingushetia), combinded province of Kabarda, Balkaria and Karachai.
Concentration of troops are observed in districts of Buro (AKA Vladikavkaz), Mozdok, Kizlyar, Khasavyurt. Flights of transport helicopters to Khankala (Russian main base in Chechnya), airport of Sheikh Mansur (which the invader call the "North"), where the second largest military base of Russians in Chechnya is located, are became frequent.
Russian media report no information on what is happening. The only leak was in the media outlets of St. Petersburg. "Soldiers' Mothers" have raised concern about the fact that the recruits, in particular, from mortar units, are suddenly transferred to Dagestan under the pretext of preparation for the Sochi Olympics".
As coordinator of organization working with the military, Svetlana Utkina, told the "Echo of Petersburg" radio station, appeal from the unit of 3526 began to come from the parents of servicemen for about two weeks ago. Parents said their sons are forced to sign some contract.
"Now the guys are sent to northern Dagestan, thus the command of the unit says that these exercises are done in preparation for the organization of security for the Olympics in 2014.
That's where absolutely nothing is clear. I.e. Olympics will be 3 years later (Sochi is hundreds kilometers far), and the guys whose service ends in few months, go there now.
Cell phones, sim cards are taken away from the guys, there will be no communication with them. The purpose of these exercises is incomprehensible", Utkina says.
According to the "Soldiers' Mothers", the transfer of troops to the North Caucasus is related to the possible development of a new war with Georgia.
Ella Polyakova, chairman of the Soldiers' Mothers in St. Petersburg, tell her opinion to Petersburg's radio station:
"The scenario is very similar to the one we saw before the war with Chechnya. The same deception, the same blackmail. Soldiers were deprived of the right to information, communication with the family. And exactly the same situation was before the five-day long war with Georgia. I very much fear that there may be preparation done now for an attack on Georgia from Dagestan".
Meanwhile, other versions of what happened are discussed. According to one of them, Moscow is preparing a total offensive against the Mujahideen in order to finally finish off the Mujahideen of the Caucasus Emirate in this winter.
The fact is that Moscow is seriously alarmed by the intensification of combat actions in the North Caucasus, the growth of Jihad, an increase of the number of young people leaving for the forest (the situation is particularly revealing in Dagestan), which is extremely dangerous for the Kremlin, especially now, when Russia entered a period of power instability and deep economic and food crisis.
At the same time rumors are spread among the local Russian Cossacks saying that Moscow wants to deport Chechens to Siberia and other regions of Russia to put an end once and for all with the resistance in the Caucasus.
At the same time rumors spread that in Chechnya, Ingushetia and Dagestan, where the share of Russian population has declined sharply over the past 20 years, will be forced to settle by the Russian colonists, (both new and from among those who previously lived here). The rumors are fueled by official reports in the Russian media that the Russian government adopted a plan of settlement of Caucasians in Russia and migration of Russians to the Caucasus.
Currently there are no clear reasons for the sharp increase in the size and armament of Russian troops in the occupied territories of the Caucasus Emirate.
Department of Monitoring
Kavkaz Center

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