Sep 19, 2010

Military convoy of Rakhmonov regime routed in Tajikistan


A military convoy of the Dushanbe regime troops has been virtually routed in Rasht district of Tajikistan.

According to available data, more than 20 soldiers were killed in the attack. However, this figure may be higher. Dozens of soldiers were wounded and military vehicles burned out.

"Right now we can speak about 20 dead, but these figures are not final", said a source in Tajik law enforcement agencies, stating that the ambush was carried out in a remote mountain gorge of Komarob.

Meanwhile, some agencies reported that two battles had occurred in Rasht region, and the number of killed soldiers refers to only one of them.

According a Russian news agency, Interfax, citing Tajik security officials, the convoy headed to the city of Rasht and was attacked in Komarob Gorge, located approximately one hundred kilometers from the capital Dushanbe.

A search operation for prisoners who escaped from a prison of a "state national security committee" at night of August 23 is being conducted in Rasht district. A total of 25 people escaped, killing several prison guards.

Authorities allege that Tajik troops clashed several times during so-called "search operations".

According to some reports, the attacks in Rasht district may have been executed by Mujahideen from the Mullah Abdullah's unit. It is reported that Emir Abdullah (Abdullah Rakhimov) returned to Tajikistan in summer 2009 and started organizing Mujahideen groups in the country.

Meanwhile, helicopters with paratroopers are being sent to Komarob district. Currently, there is no precise information if Russian troops are taking part in the fightings.

Department of Monitoring
Kavkaz Center
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InspireMV said...

On the second day after the Mujahideen attack on the military convoy of the Rahmon's regime, it was officially admitted that the convoy was destroyed in full with grenade launchers and machine guns.

The column consisted of 75 soldiers. 40 were killed, 10 wounded and 25 soldiers went missing, the regime says. The total makes 75.

As for its missing soldiers, the Rahmon's regime suggests that they were taken prisoner by the Mujahideen.

According to information provided by the regime, the troops were sent to the Rasht group of districts, about 180-200 km east from the capital, on Sunday afternoon. The official version is that the military were sent to Rasht to "catch persons who escaped from prison on Aug. 23".

At the junction of the village Navobod and Kamarob valley, soldiers were atatcked by the Mujahideen and came under fire from grenade launchers and machine guns. The fire, most likely, was conducted from a nearby hill, the Rahmon's regime claims

The military believe that the attack was carried out by the Mujahideen group under the command of Mullo Abdullah (AKA Abdullah Rakhimov), one of emirs during the war in Tajikistan (1992-1997), who fought on the side of the United Tajik Opposition.

The military also said that the group of Sheikh Alovuddin Davlatov (AKA Ali Bedaka) participated in the ambush.

Last week, Rahmon's security forces in Dushanbe captured Husniddin Davlatov, a brother of the Sheikh, who is an activist of the Islamic Renaissance Party of Tajikistan and a deputy of the Majlis (council) in Rasht district.

Department of Monitoring
Kavkaz Center

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