Sep 25, 2010

Heavy fightings take place in Chechen mountains and Dagestani capital


Occupation sources and representatives of the Mujahideen command report heavy battles taking place in the mountains of Chechnya.

During a telephone talk with an assistant of Emir Abdul-Malik, whose unit operates in Vedeno district, he reported that large forces of Russian invaders and puppets have been concentrated Vedeno district already two weeks ago.

Almost for a week, occupiers and puppets have been shelling forests using artillery, mortars and aircraft (mainly, helicopters). And last Tuesday, large enemy forces advanced into the forests of Vedeno district.

Sources in the command of the Mujahideen confirmed information about violent clashes in Vedeno district that took place on Thursday and Friday. Mujahideen did not report figures for casualties.

Meanwhile, occupiers reported 3 their soldiers killed and several members of the "special forces of the interior ministry" gang wounded on Friday night.

In his turn, the ringleader of Chechen puppets Kadyrov announced a major military operation taking place in several areas of Nokhchicho (AKA Chechnya/Ichkeria) province - from the district of Nozhai-Yurt up to Achkhoi-Martan.

Local sources reported that a large number of troops and military equipment were sent to the mountains. Aviation is being actively used.

Meanwhile, fierce firefights are taking place also in Dagestan. Just on the eve, occupiers reported the martyrdom of five Mujahideen in Dagestan's Kirovaul district and several explosions in the capital of Shamilkala (former Makhachkala).

A fierce battle again broke out in Shamilkala on Friday night. The invaders said they had blocked a group of Mujahideen in a private house in the city. The reports of the invaders' media outlets say that 3 Russian "commandos" and 2 Mujahideen have been killed during the battle.

Later, invaders said 2 gangsters of the "Russian interior ministry special forces" were killed.

Then it was reported that the outer ring of the cordon had been attacked by a martyr. As a result of the explosion, the puppets reported their losses. Puppet sources said that only 6 policemen had been wounded. However, according to other data, one of the blocking groups was completely destroyed in the martyr's attack.

2 hours before the martyr attack, a police UAZ jeep and a watching unit's bus were blown up on a mine in Shamilkala. The invaders and puppets did not report their losses.

We would like to draw attention to the fact that reports of invaders and puppets are scarce and contradictory.

Meanwhile, according to KC sources in Shamilkala, at least 7 bombings occurred in different parts of the city since Friday evening. Patrol units and police cars were bombed.

A KC source confirmed information of the martyr attack on the blocking group in the zone of hostilities in Shamilkala. According to radio intercepts, many policemen were killed or wounded as a result of the attack.

Fightings in Shamilkala go on.

Kavkaz Center

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