Sep 17, 2010

And Inspire the Believers

Allah orders us in the Quran to:

"Inspire the believers"

Surah Al Anfal : 65

It is from this ayat which we have taken the name of this blog and this ayat also explains the entire reason for this blog. 

InshaAllah we will inspire the believers through providing them with legitimate and reliable information on the Mujahideen and on Jihad in different parts of the world. We will give links to the official releases of the Jihadi media and provide articles written by the Mujahideen themselves, the righteous scholars and our brothers and sisters engaged in Jihadi Media. Also we will provide books and lectures as the Muslim is a person who must study his religion rather than blindly following this person or that person and it is only through study that one will arrive upon the Haqq.

Very little on this blog will be written by ourselves as we believe that the best people to speak on a subject are those who know it best. However from time to time we will make comments to clarify issues which may not be clear enough to some of our readers. We would also encourage readers to post comments and discuss all topics we post as discussion is one of the most important tools of educating yourself.

While the blog is concerned primarily with the issue of Jihad and the Mujahideen we will from time to time post other information which we deem relevant or beneficial. 

People of the Maldives! Wake up and stop following the so called "scholars" and rulers who have purposely misled you away from your religion and misguided you. These people are callers to the fire and indeed many of them are outright apostates. Make dua that Allah guides you to the Haqq and inshaAllah you will find it.


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